About Potcoin & PotcoinJoint

Crypto Currency for the Cannabis Industry

What is Potcoin?

Potcoin is the official digital currency for the cannabis industry.

It has no central monetary authority. Instead, a peer-to-peer computer network maintains transactions and issues Potcoins through a process called mining. Users and their transactions are anonymous, no international exchange rates and no middlemen to collect fees.

PotCoin was designed to empower, secure and facilitate the Cannabis community’s daily transactions. Our now legalized Marijuana industry called out for its own distinct cryptocurrency.

PotCoin effectively satisfies this demand and forms a global community with each coin holder a participant anchored in this new economy.

How Does it Work?

Potcoin transactions are processed through a Potcoin wallet, software that users download and install on their computers or smartphones. Users can also use paper wallets.

A potcoin wallet is a client program which store each Potcoin’s unique registration number and address. It is use to send and receive Potcoins.

Potcoins can be purchased using real money, they can also be generated (mined).

What is PotcoinJoint?

PotcoinJoint is the official Potcoin community created to engage in the discussion with other Potcoin enthusiasts as well as provide a central location for Potcoin resources.

Our mission is to raise awareness of Potcoin and connect with the community. Getting direct feedback will help continuously improve Potcoin and its development.

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